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iPhone 12

Cases, screen protectors for your new iPhone 12

iPhone 12

iPhone 12

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Strap Holder Phone Case...

$22.97 Price

*For iPhone 12/pro/Max
*CARD HOLDER. Slots for essential metro cards and bank cards fits snugly in the case back.
*STRAP HOLDER. Use your Strap for enhanced grip, with peace of mind that your device is safe from drops. Straps make holding your phone more comfortable while texting.

iPhone 12 Premium 9D...

$15.97 Price

*Tempered Glass Screen Protector For New iPhone 12
*9D Hot-bending Full Cover that prevents dust
*Blocking 90% of the harmful blue light
*Surface hardness of 9H, three times stronger than PET film
*Oleophobic coating prevents smudges and fingerprints
*Impact dissipates over tempered glass
*Scratch resistant